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Cardiac Risk in Sports Screening Programme

Cardiac Risk in Sports Screening Programme

written By Dr. Peter Wong

(last updated on Oct 12th 2020)

Are You Fit For Your Sports?

We have all heard about the benefits of exercise. Regular exercise reduces the chance of dying from circulatory diseases such as a heart attack by 20-30%.

As you choose your Sports for work outs, it is prudent to understand if you are ‘medically’ fit for the Sports. You are aware of the occasional tragic news that young and apparently fit persons suffered a cardiac arrest while participating in public events such as marathon, triathlon, or cross harbour swimming. The consequences for the loss of life or disabilities are permanent but can be preventable.

For young athletes who participate in any competitive or strenuous sports, it is highly advisable to have a screening assessment by a Cardiac Specialist. Beside medical history, your Electrocardiogram (ECG) will be skilfully interpreted, and Echocardiogram personally performed and analysed by the experienced Cardiac Specialist in accordance with a special set of sports criteria. Likewise, an Exercise Treadmill ECG with Echocardiogram shall be performed for detecting coronary heart disease.

For the older athletes, it is also advisable to undertake regular heart assessment as your body can change over time. In particular, the presence and progression of coronary heart disease can be silent until a major heart attack occurs during a period of intense exercise or thereafter. Other types of heart diseases such as cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease), coronary artery anomalies (abnormal origin / location of heart artery) can also present later in life.

Anyone who has exertion related chest discomfort, breathlessness, racing heart beats, dizziness, a personal history of heart disease, or a family history of sudden unexplained death under 60 years old, they are advised to consult a Cardiac Specialist for a check up.

Exercising safely is your responsibility!

What items are included in the Screening Programme?

Besides the regular body check items and rest ECG performed, you will undergo detailed examination by the Cardiac Specialist with advanced scanning equipment such as Exercise Treadmill ECG with Echocardiogram. Test results will be explained to you by the Cardiac Specialist as well.

 ItemsPlan APlan B
 Day 1
 BMI, Height, BW, Hip, Waist ✓ ✓
 Rest ECG  ✓ ✓
 Chest X-ray  ×1 ✓
 Blood Test  ✓ ✓
 Lipid Profile

Cholesterol Total, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Total/ HDL Cholesterol Ratio, Triglycerides

 ×2 ✓
 Liver ProfileAlkaline Phosphatase, Billrubin Total, Protein Total, Albumin, Globulin, SGPT (ALT), SGOT (AST), Gamma GT ✓ ✓
 Diabetes ProfileFasting Glucose, HbA1c ✓ ✓
 Kidney ProfileUrea, Creatinine, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride ✓ ✓
 BoneCalcium, Phosphate ✓ ✓
 ThyroidTSH ×3 ✓
 AnaemiaCBC, ESR ✓ ✓
 GoutUric Acid ✓ ✓
 Urine RoutineUrinalysis ✓ ✓
 Day 2
 Consultation with Cardiologist ✓ ✓
 Resting Echocardiogram ×4 ✓
 Mycardial Strain Imaging (MSI) ×
 Stress Treadmill ✓
 Exercise Echocardiogram ×
 Package Price HK$5,700 HK$14,800

 Optional Items:

 1. Add $300 to include Chest X-ray

 2. Add $480 to include Lipid Profile


 3. Add $360 to include Thyroid (TSH)

 4. Add $3,000 to include Resting Echocardiogram

Please contact us for appointment or enquiry about the screening programme.


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