Our core serice

Our Core Services

Our medical practitioners are specialised or sub-specialised into different areas of medical expertise and work together to provide comprehensive and expert care.

Sub-specialisation allows doctors to gain extensive experience and knowledge in their area, stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and be highly skilled in their specific field.

We strongly believe this enables us to provide our patients with the best and most advanced treatments.



spine surgery

shoulder surgery

hand, wrist and elbow surgery

hip and pelvic surgery

knee surgery

foot and ankle surgery

microvascular surgery

children's orthopaedic surgery


general surgery

head and neck surgery

breast surgery

chest surgery

gastro-intestinal surgery




endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism

hypertension and lipids

clinical pharmacology




pain medicine

Allied Health

clinical psychology


Family Medicine / General Practice

Aviation Medicine

Chronic Disease Management


Health Screening

Travel Medicine

Men's Health

Women's Health 


Virtual Care

Extending Our Touch

To provide a more convenient way to our existing patients, Asia Medical Specialists has extended its medical service by providing an online consultation channel. Teleconsultation with our specialists via video call can now be done from the comfort of your home or office, without the hassle to travel.  

For booking or enquiry, please contact our customer service at +852 2521 6830 or email us at info@asiamedical.hk 

or press the following link to register for an appointment

online booking


In House Services

MRI scanning

X-ray imaging

Minor procedures

Diagnostic ultrasound

Casting application

Exercise Treadmill ECG

Stress Echocardiogram

Myocardial Strain Imaging

Resting ECG

Resting Echocardiogram

Medical legal assessment


Open MRI

To provide timely diagnoses and convenience for our patients, our Central clinic is equipped with Open MRI, G-scan.

'G-scan' is specially designed for all musculoskeletal applications. Its unique tilting MR system which allows patients to be imaged in the horizontal and vertical positions, enabling clinicians to conduct weight-bearing MR studies to view anatomy in positions more typical of daily activities than traditional supine positions.

Full Body X-ray

Our digital X-ray machine is optimised particularly for musculoskeletal problems and equipped with accessories such as full-length X-rays for whole spine and lower limbs, ankle stability test, hind foot alignment, etc.



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