Patient Charter

The purpose of this Patients’ Charter is to explain your Rights and Responsibilities.

The goals are:

To make your relationship with us a mutually beneficial one.
To ensure we work as partners in a positive and open relationship with a view to enhancing the effectiveness of the health care process.


• Be frank with your doctors in revealing your medical conditions.
• Co-operate with medical personnel on any mutually agreed treatment plans or procedures.
• Not request medical personnel to issue incorrect receipts, certificates, or to make incorrect entry into the medical records.
• Be responsible to meet the required fees and charges for the medical services provided to you.
• Follow the rules stipulated by our clinic and respect the rights of others.
• Should consult with your insurance company on payment coverage prior to your visit.


The Right to Information

The right to information about what health care services are available, and what charges are involved. This information should be readily available to you in our clinic.

The right to be given access to relevant medical information and clear description of your medical condition, with diagnosis, prognosis (i.e. an opinion as to the likely future course of any illness), and of the treatment proposed, including medicine prescribed, common risks and appropriate alternatives of the treatment, and other relevant information that may affect the decisions concerning the treatment.

Provision of the information will be according to the practices and operational procedures of our clinic.

The Right to Decision Making

The right to accept or refuse any medication, investigation or treatment with clear understanding of the implications of likely consequences, and right to second medical opinion.

The Right to Confidentiality

The right to have your privacy (including information relating to your medical condition), dignity and religious and cultural beliefs respected when they are not at the expense of other patients or health care providers’ rights, except with your expressed consent.

The Right to Complaint

The right to make a complaint and to have any complaint dealt with promptly and fairly.

Your complaints will be investigated and followed up by appropriate personnel. You will receive a substantive reply to any complaint within a reasonable period of time, together with an indication of any action that has been or will be taken.