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Asia Medical Specialists Expands to Foushan, China - Collaboration with Foshan Fosun Chancheng Hospital

Asia Medical Specialists Expand to Foshan, China

We are excited to announce that Asia Medical Specialists is expanding its services to Foshan, China, through a new collaboration with Foshan Fosun Chancheng Hospital.  Starting now, our team of highly specialized medical experts will provide consultations and care at Foushan Hospital, focussing on Hip problems at this stage.

This new partnership will give patients in the Foshan region access to Asia Medical Specialists'  doctors and services. 

Patients can now book appointments to meet with Asia Medical Specialists doctors during regular clinics held at Foshan Hospital. Our staff will work closely with the Foshan Hospital team to provide coordinated, comprehensive care for every patient.

This is an exciting development that reflects Asia Medical Specialists' commitment to expanding access throughout China. We look forward to serving the Foshan community and delivering our patient-centred experience.

To schedule an appointment, you can reach us via Wechat: @ams_nurse, Whatsapp: +852 5228-6132, or email: info@asiamedical.hk.


About Foshan Fosun Chancheng Hospital

Foshan Fosun Chancheng Hospital (FFCH) is a large national Grade-A Tertiary general hospital offering Quality Healthcare and patient-centered care. It has been accredited by JCI and certified as a Five-Star hospital in China.


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Special opening hours for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2024

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, our Clinic will close between 10 to 13 February 2024 (Sat -Tue). Please note the change of clinic hours on the following dates:

Friday 9 February 2024 – CLOSE

Monday, Tuesday 12-13 February 2024 – CLOSE

Wednesday, 14 February 2024 – Resume Services

. For further enquiries or appointment booking, please get in touch with us at +852 2521 6830 or email info@asiamedical.hk.




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Special opening hours for Christmas and New Year

To celebrate Christmas and  New Year, our Central clinic will close between Christmas and New Year holiday.  Please refer to the following:


  • Closed between 23 to 26 December 2023 (Saturday-Tuesday)  
  • Resume services on 27 December (Wednesday)

New Year:

  • Closed between 30 December - 1 January (Saturday-Monday)
  • Resume services on 2 January (Tuesday)

For further enquiries or appointment booking, don't hesitate to call us at +852 2521 6830, whatsapp, or via our online form.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous Chinese New Year! 



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The medical seminar hosted by Asia Medical Specialists was successfully completed on 26th September 2023

Our medical seminar on "common upper limb nerve problems" and "robotic-arm assisted surgery" was successfully completed on 26 September 2023 (Tue). The seminar received a warm response, with over 300 doctors, physiotherapists, and healthcare professionals attending both the online and in-person sessions. Thank you, Dr. Athena Au and Dr. HT Chow, for presenting. Some event highlights will be available on LinkedInFacebook and Instagram, and you are welcome to like and follow our page to connect with us.

We host medical seminars in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Macau for healthcare professionals. You are welcome to contact us and subscribe to receive future event updates. For further enquiries, please contact us at +852 2521 6830.



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Direct billing available to the HSBC Life at Asia Medical Specialists and Marina Medical

We are pleased to announce that our clinics are now offering direct billing arrangements for HSBC life insurance cardholders when consulting a specialists or primary care (GP) doctor at  Marina Medical and Asia Medical Specialists. This means that patients can now enjoy a hassle-free and convenient payment experience when visiting our clinic for medical services.

With this new arrangement, you can simply present your HSBC life insurance card at the time of your appointment and our team will take care of the rest. Our goal is to make the payment process as seamless as possible so that you can focus on what really matters - taking care of your health.

For enquiries, you may contact  us for further enquiries and booking

Asia Medical Specialists

Tel: +852 2521 6830, Email: info@asiamedical.hk

Marina Medical 

Tel:+852 3420 6622, Email: info@marinamedical.hk



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Welcome Cardiologist: Dr Vincent Luk

We are pleased to announce the commencement of Dr Vincent LUK, who is a specialist in Cardiology, at our clinic starting from May 3rd. Dr Luk is experienced in Cardiovascular and Holistic Medicine in patients with long-term multisystem diseases. Dr Luk is an Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong, an Honorary Consultant at St Paul's Hospital and an Honorary Associate Consultant at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Grantham Hospital & Pok Oi Hospital. Click here for the biography of Dr Luk.

For further enquiries or appointment booking, please contact us at +852 2521 6830, or via our online form.


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BioNTech Bivalent vaccine is now available for non-Hong Kong residents

As the pandemic is yet over, we now provide BioNTech Bivalent vaccine to non-Hong Kong residents to fight against Covid-19. As the vaccine quantity is limited, please make a vaccination appointment in advance.  

  • Our clinic pricing (include the BioNTech Bivalent vaccine and administration fee, no additional charge):
  • •One person: HKD2,480*
  • •Two people or more: HKD1,880*

*You are welcome to book with our clinic staff directly (no additional fee applies). If necessary, you may make an appointment directly on the Fosun WeChat platform. Fosun will charge an additional RMB 299 appointment fee.

For further enquiries or appointment booking, don't hesitate to email info@asiamedical.hk, call +852 2521 6830, or whatsapp to contact us.




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Orthopaedic seminar has been successfully completed on 20th Sept, 2022

Our medical seminar has been successfully completed on 20th Sept, 2022 (Tue). Thank you Dr Athena Au, Dr HT Chow, Dr Kelvin Tam, Dr CC Kong and Dr SW Kong for presenting and hosting. Some event highlights are available on Facebook and LinkedIn, and you are welcomed to connect with us.

We host medical seminars in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Macau for healthcare professionals. You are welcome to contact us and subscribe to receive future event updates. For further enquiries, please contact us at +852 2521 6830.


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Asia Medical Specialists appointed to be one of designated vaccination clinic that offers BioNTech and Sinovac

Starting from Sept 1st 2022, Asia Medical Specialists is appointed to be one of the medical centres for both BioNTech "Comirnaty"  (Age 5 or above) and Sinovac "CoronaVac" Covid-19 Vaccination (Age 6 months or above). For booking, please visit the government website to arrange your booking.


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Tsimshatsui clinic relocation notice

We wish to thank you for your support over the past years. After 12 years of operation, our company's Tsimshatsui location will be closing as of Friday, June 10th (Friday).  As we hope to consolidate our services, all equipment and personnel at the Tsimshatsui location will be transited to our Central flagship Clinic on Monday, Jun 13th. A new satellite centre with our Family Medicine physicians will be on the way later this year, please stay tuned. 

We will be doing our best to assist you during this transition period or how it might affect you. Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team via Whatsapp, call +852 2521 6830 or email info@asiamedical.hk. We appreciate your patience and attention on this matter.