Virtual Care
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Virtual Care

Virtual Care

In order to serve our patients at this difficult time, Asia Medical Specialists has launched an online consultation platform. Existing patients can now enjoy consultation with our specialists via phone or video call from your comfort and security of your home without the hassle to travel.

The service is now available from 9am to 6:30pm. 

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How does virtual care work?

Our 6 steps process

We strive to make the consultation process simple and straight forward。


Visit our  contact page or contact us at +852 2521 6830  to indicate your interest to have an online consultation. Please provide the following information: HKID number, email address, contact number and residential address for medication delivery (if applicable).


Our designated doctors will review the cases individually and decide whether your condition is suitable for a video consultation. We may contact you to discuss further about your condition.


Once our doctors consider you to be suitable for the online consultation, our team will be in touch to schedule the consultation, as well as to inform you about the payment arrangement and the necessary steps to get connected. Once the payment is confirmed, booking will then be secured. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a Zoom Link (if zoom is the mean of consultation).


Click the link in the email 5 minutes in advance of the booked schedule. Prior to consultation, the doctor might need you to show your identification proof on screen to ensure we are seeing the right patient.


If there is a need for extra charges, you will need to pay by the Faster Payment System (FPS).



If delivery of medication is needed, you will be requested to digitally sign an authorisation letter. Once confirmed, you will receive the delivery by courier (if applicable) including: 1. medication, 2. sick leave certificate, 3. referral letter.